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Obama Rising Roundup: Iowa Edition November 28-December 5

From December 5th 2007

Barack Obama's historic race for the presidency has been gaining momentum lately, especially in Iowa were it matters most. There has been so much good news coming out of Iowa in the last few days that I've decided to do a roundup of it. Barack and Michelle campaigned around Iowa, picked up several important endorsements and continued to build a strong campaign on the ground.


Linda Nelson a Iowa teacher and Iowa State Education Association (ISEA) president announced her support of Obama Wednesday. This doesn't mean ISEA will endorse him (they aren't endorsing anyone this time around) but it is still likely a important endorsement among Iowa teachers.

On Tuesday Obama picked up the support of Iowa State Senator Joe Bolkcom. That's his 18th Iowa legislative endorsement. Here is what Senator Bolkcom had to say about his support for Obama.

Barack Obama knows that real change happens from the bottom up, not the top down. He passed up lucrative job opportunities on Wall Street and prestigious clerkships in Washington to go back to the South Side of Chicago and become a civil rights lawyer. While there, he organized communities and registered voters in order to spark lasting change. Obama’s community organizing roots and commitment to working across party, class, and racial divides to get things done make me confident he’s the best candidate to bring our country together and change Washington, D.C.

He joins fellow legislators
* Rep. Ako Abdul-Samad
* Rep. Deborah Berry
* Sen. Bob Dvorsky
* Rep. Elesha Gayman
* Sen. Bill Heckroth
* Rep. David Jacoby
* Rep. Pam Jochum
* Rep. Helen Miller
* Sen. Rich Olive
* Rep. Donovan Olson
* Rep. Tyler Olson
* Rep. Janet Petersen
* Rep. Brian Quirk
* Sen. Tom Rielly
* Rep. Mark Smith
* Sen. Steve Warnstadt
* Sen. Frank Wood

In endorsing Obama.

Des Monies Mayor Frank Cownie is probably the most progressive mayor of Des Monies since the 60's and is one of the most important political figures in Iowa. In a diary Iowa resident pleasedontbefake said that he is probably the third most important Iowa Democratic endorsement behind only Tom Harkin and Chet Culver, neither of who are going to endorse.

The student newspaper of Iowa State University in Ames, the Iowa State Daily today endorsed Barack Obama for president. Check out the endorsing editorial. Here's my favorite part:

He may be raw. He may be too optimistic. But he has ignited a passion for a change in the direction this country is headed. Jump on board, because just like Obama, we're fired up and ready to support him in his quest for the Democratic Party's presidential nomination.

Iowa Caucus Center
The Iowa campaign released a online Iowa Caucus Center so if you are in Iowa and want to know how to caucus or are just confused about the process and want to know more about how it works check it out here.

Campaign Events:

Michelle Obama:

Michelle was in Iowa this week making stops in Ottumwa, Centerville, Corydon, Lamoni, Indianola, West Des Moines, and Des Moines. The Iowa Campaign HQ provided some great blog posts of the events.

Maya Soetoro-Ng:

Maya (Obama's sister) was in Iowa also and chatted with blogger Jessica Slider.

Reverend Joseph Lowery:
Lowery, one of the co-founders of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC) and The Coalition for the People’s Agenda, and a close friend of Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr, spoke at Corinthian Baptist Church in Des Moines. Watch a great video of him here.

Barack Obama:
Barack is in Iowa doing a collage tour currently. So far he has been at Iowa State University (video), Grinnell College and Cornell College where he called on a new generation of Americans to step up, serve their country, and change the world. He will also visit University of Northern Iowa and Wartburg College.

Obama's Call to Serve
As I mentioned above Obama made a speech today at Cornell College were he called on a new generation of Americans to step up, serve their country, and change the world and unveiled his national service plan. I'll have more on it tomorrow but for now check out campaign blogger Sam Graham Felsen's great post on in.

The bloggers at OFA often do great profiles of Obama supporters. Here are a few good ones of Iowans.

Karen a former Republican and independent.

Megan, a precinct captain and first time voter.

Debates and Forums:

Heartland Presidential Forum:
Barack participated in the Heartland Presidential Forum. Here's a video:

Brown/Black Forum
He also was at the Brown/Black Forum the same day. Here is a article from the forum highlighting Obama's stance on Cuban policy.

NPR Debate:

Obama did well at the NPR Debate and his supporters again were out in full force as you can see above. Here's what TIME blogger Mark Haperin had to say about Obama's performance:

"Relaxed and confident when playing rhetorical offense on international relations."

In the Netroots:
There have been some great Obama Iowa-related diary's lately. Here are a few.

The latest is icebergslim's account of her time in Iowa in a great on the ground diary.

psericks has been giving great coverage of the Clinton and Dodd campaigns efforts to suppress the student vote.

As I mentioned before pleasedontbefake has a great diary about Iowa politics up.

I wrote a plea to Iowa.

Steve Everett gives his take on the Frank Cownie endorsement.

DemDog catches MSNBC praising Obama's field team.

Last Word:
I put this together because of how important Iowa is going to be. I've been reading a lot of articles on the Obama campaign and I thought I'd share them. But please do more then just read this. Chip in to the Obama campaign to give them the resources to win Iowa, take a trip to Iowa and volunteer for Obama call anyone you know in Iowa and beg them to caucus for Obama. The future of the country is at stake.

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