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Obama Rising Roundup: Iowa Edition December 6-13

From December 13th, 2007


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Welcome to the second Obama Rising Roundup: Iowa Edition. I am posting this a day late because my congresswomen endorsed Obama yesterday and I needed to write about it, so I'm adding a day to the roundup. But it has been a great week for Barack Obama's campaign for change in the single most important state in the presidential process, Iowa. New ads, Oprah, endorsements and much much more.


Obama keeps up picking up great endorsements. He received his 19th Iowa legislative endorsement from state Representative Paul Shomshor of Council Bluffs on Monday. That ties him with the Clinton campaign for the lead in legislative endorsements. Rep. Shomshor was first elected in 2003 and chairs the powerful Ways and Means Committee. Here's his statement on endorsing Barack.

Barack Obama spent his two decades in public service fighting for families trying to achieve the American dream, and he’ll continue that fight as President. It only proves that he’ll be a President that will change politics as usual, unite America and make progress on the issues our families care about the most.

He joins fellow legislators
* Rep. Ako Abdul-Samad
* Rep. Deborah Berry
* Sen. Joe Bolkom
* Sen. Bob Dvorsky
* Rep. Elesha Gayman
* Sen. Bill Heckroth
* Rep. David Jacoby
* Rep. Pam Jochum
* Rep. Helen Miller
* Sen. Rich Olive
* Rep. Donovan Olson
* Rep. Tyler Olson
* Rep. Janet Petersen
* Rep. Brian Quirk
* Sen. Tom Rielly
* Rep. Mark Smith
* Sen. Steve Warnstadt
* Sen. Frank Wood

In endorsing Obama.

He also picked up the endorsement of former Iowa Lieutenant Governor Bob Anderson. Anderson served as Lieutenant Governor of Iowa from 1983 to 1987 after serving in the Iowa legislature. Since then, he has traveled internationally as a founder and first executive director of the Iowa Peace Institute and as the president and founder of the Iowa Resource for International Service. This is another big endorsement for Obama and I'm surprised it hasn't been talked about more. Here's what he had to say about his endorsement of Obama:

Senator Obama is running a campaign that focuses on attacking the problems facing America's families – not fellow Democrats. He is a leader with the vision to turn away from the failed foreign policies of past decades. Barack showed wisdom and courage when he spoke out against the war in Iraq before it began and when it wasn't popular to do so, and has stood against the Bush administrations march towards war with Iran. As president, he will challenge conventional foreign policy thinking in Washington D.C. to set us on a new course and restore America's moral authority in the world.

Campaign Events:

The biggest political news in Iowa and probably the country over the last week was Oprah's tour of the early states with Barack and Michelle Obama. They made two stops, one in Des Moines and one in Cedar Rapids. Thousands from around the state to hear Oprah, Barack and Michelle's positive message of change. There were 18,500 people in Des Moines which I believe makes it the largest political event in Iowa this time around, and maybe even the largest ever. Check out this great video the campaign put together about the events:

Tom Daschle:
Former Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle was in Iowa again. He's been in Iowa a lot stumping for Obama and he was back again yesterday and today talking to voters about Barack's campaign for change. Here's what he had to say about judgment:

If you can show good judgment, if you can show the capacity to lead and bring people together, then that is what makes you qualified to lead. Washington experience is not necessarily a guarantee of great judgment. Too many people with great experience have made too many mistakes over the last 30 years. Abe Lincoln had two years of Washington experience and he got us through the Civil War because he had good judgment.

Caucus for Change Precinct Parties:
In precincts all around Iowa, Obama For America precinct captains are throwing Caucus for Change Precinct Parties tonight. The Iowa campaign site has been putting up some great profiles of dedicated precinct captains from around the state, to many to even list them all but go check them out. Hopefully they will be a big success and I want to thank all the dedicated supporters opening up their homes tonight.

New Ad:
Obama's campaign launched a great new ad based on the footage from his widely praised Jefferson Jackson speech. Here it is:

IPT/DMR Debate:
Obama participated in today's Des Moines Register/Iowa Public Television debate. The reviews have come in already and he was a big winner. Here is some reviews of his performance:

New York Times (Katharine Seelye): Mr. Obama continues to be on a roll.

TIME: Mark Halperin’s debate grades: Obama A- Mature and polished — a reassuring yet passionate presence. He let Obama be Obama by assuredly displaying to former doubters the natural style that could carry him to the nomination. Had some moments that made him seem big and presidential

MSNBC (Chuck Todd): ... Perhaps no one benefitted more from this subdued format than Obama since he's the guy with the momentum.

CNN (Jessica Yellin): [On Change]... It has been a winning issue for Obama, because he's the one that voters have received as the one who is most capable of being a true fresh outsider.

NBC (Andrea Mitchell): ... Obama scored by saying: "Well, Hillary, I'm looking forward to having you as an advisor as well."

Fox News (Mort Kondracke): To the extent that winning a debate like this counts for something, if the focus group is right, then Obama did better than Hillary by a lot, and it's trouble for her.

Newsweek (Andrew Romano): ...Obama displays one of his greatest gifts as a politician: that cool, ironic sense of humor.

TIME (Joe Klein): ... Obama, clearly, is feeling it.

ABC News (Rick Klein): Obama with the line of the night!!

Not only did the pundits like him the people declared him the winner as well. Check out this video:

Some people are so dedicated to Obama that they will do anything to show there support. Like taking a plunge as part of the Make-a-Wish Foundation's charity dip in Clear Lake with Obama gear out. Notice the snow on the ground. That guy must be cold.

In the Netroots:
There have been some great Obama Iowa-related diary's lately. Here are a few.

icebergslim is one of the most committed Obama kossacks out there. She hit Iowa this week so check out icebergslim hits iowa and her great analysis on what endorsements mean. And in general just read anything she posts, it's worth it.

psericks has more on youth groups fighting back against those who want to keep them voiceless. He also catches the other canidates flip-flopping on the issue while Obama stays firm for voting rights.

thefos's Dear Iowa, warm greetings from FL O-Train is also well worth a read, as are many other great diary's that I don't link here.

Note: If you tag you're diary's with Iowa it makes them much easier to find ;)

Last Word:
I put this together because of how important Iowa is going to be. I've been reading a lot of articles on the Obama campaign and I thought I'd share them. But please do more then just read this. Chip in to the Obama campaign to give them the resources to win Iowa, take a trip to Iowa and volunteer for Obama call anyone you know in Iowa and beg them to caucus for Obama. The future of the country is at stake. There are polls showing Obama in the lead now but please ignore them and focus on all the work we still have to do. Iowa will be really close and we can't let meaningless polls make us think we don't need to work are butts off. We do. So get out there are work you're butt off. As Gandhi said "be the change you believe in." Together we can change the world.

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