Thursday, June 19, 2008

Keep the Obamathon going strong!

From January 28th, 2008

It seems like a lifetime. But it was only three days since I launched the Obamathon. Since then 245 people have donated $16,915 to help Obama to victory on Feburary 5th. We now have only a week until the day that the people start to vote and to steal something from our beloved president "The State of the Obamathon is Strong." Unlike Bush that is not complete crap. Still just as our union needs change so does our fundraising drive. Just a different kind of change.

The kind of change that that will bring real change. Change we can believe in.

Today as I walked into my theater rehearsal my friends clapped me on the back and said congratulations. I blankly stared at them, a moment of silence, then "The Obamathon! You're famous!".

I never even told them but they had found out on their own. That was inspiring.

So too are the hundreds of people who have donated to the Obamathon. Everyone from bellselling authors and Senate candidates to unemployed activists or students who will have thousands of student loans. In just three short days all those people have come together and given what they could from maxing out to just five dollars. All of them have taken ownership of the campaign.

But make no mistake. We are still underdogs in this campaign. This is a uphill fight and we need to do whatever we can. This is a fight for the heart and soul of our party. This is a fight for the heart and soul of our country.

America is ready to pass the torch to a new generation of leadership. Ted Kennedy understands that and that is why he endorsed Obama today in a stirring speech.

All around the country people are making the final choice. And all over the country tireless activists are working 24/7. The least we can do is help them out with a donation. I don't know if we'll be able to hit our full goal of 220k but the least we can do is try. As I said last night. Do it for Josh:

And if that does not convince you please read the endorsement of a true American hero. Tom Hayden:

Today I see across the generational divide the spirit, excitement, energy and creativity of a new generation bidding to displace the old ways. Obama's moment is their moment, and I pray that they succeed without the sufferings and betrayals my generation went through. There really is no comparison between the Obama generation and those who would come to power with Hillary Clinton, and I suspect she knows it. The people she would take into her administration may have been reformers and idealists in their youth, but they seem to seek now a return to their establishment positions of power. They are the sorts of people young Hillary Clinton herself would have scorned at Wellesley. If history is any guide, the new "best and brightest" of the Obama generation will unleash a new cycle of activism, reform and fresh thinking before they follow pragmatism to its dead end.

Many ordinary Americans will take a transformative step down the long road to the Rainbow Covenant if Obama wins. For at least a brief moment, people around the world -- from the shantytowns to the sweatshops, even to the restless rich of the Sixties generation -- will look up from the treadmills of their shrunken lives to the possibilities of what life still might be. Environmental justice and global economic hope would dawn as possibilities.

Is Barack the one we have been waiting for? Or is it the other way around? Are we the people we have been waiting for? Barack Obama is giving voice and space to an awakening beyond his wildest expectations, a social force that may lead him far beyond his modest policy agend. Such movements in the past led the Kennedys and Franklin Roosevelt to achievements they never contemplated. [As Gandhi once said of India's liberation movement, "There go my people. I must follow them, for I am their leader."]

We are in a precious moment where caution must yield to courage. It is better to fail at the quest for greatness than to accept our planet's future as only a reliving of the past.

So I endorse the movement that Barack Obama has inspired and will support his candidacy in the inevitable storms ahead.

My friends we are that movement. Lets make sure that movement can win and change our world. Send whatever you can to our movement. Our moment is now. Let's now pass it up and live to regret it. And please, spread the word. Do whatever you can.

Please donate today to the Obamathon and help grow the movement.

Yes we can.

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