Thursday, June 19, 2008

Obama: "and how hard we’re willing to work for it"

From January 26th, 2008

Yesterday I launched a ambitious campaign to raise 220k for Obama by Super Tuesday to help him win. Since then over 100 people have donated over $7,500 dollars. Today the voters of South Carolina overwhelmingly voted for change. Now this campaign goes national. Nearly half the country will have voted ten days from now and we will likely know the victor of that day by now. For those of us who would like that victory to be one for Obama I think his words tonight rang true.

"And so this is a battle in our own hearts and minds about what kind of country we want and how hard we’re willing to work for it." That summed up why I launched the Obamathon, why even at the age of 14 I am getting my training to become a precinct captain tomorrow, why I will be spending my next 9 days of my life dedicated to electing Barack Obama.

And if you're for him I think you should too because now is the most important time in what may be the most important campaign. If you're not sure about it here are a few stories to help get you moving from last nights essay.

Poor college student

I owe over $2000 in consumer (credit card) debt.

After this semester when I graduate I will owe well over $50,000 in student loans.

I've already donated to Obama on numerous occasions.

Once more (at least) coming right up!

Already donated,

and more on the way.

I'm unemployed, but this is just too important. Already donated $150, and another $100 on the way!

If I can get five $10 donors

I will match five-fold. Times are hard, and if people can donate just a little, the impact will be multiplied.

Five donors pledge here to donate $10 each, I will match each donation $50, for a total of $250. Any takers?


Four donors on this thread; matching a petty comment downthread, our little $250 match challenge was successful. I made the remaining $200 this morning.

Just gave $100

After giving $200 after New Hampshire.

Both donations were very tough to make, financially.

It IS time, though, so if I have to give 'til it hurts, so be it.

I'm in for 10

I'm afraid that's all I can afford for now. But once I get paid I'll make sure Obama does as well. For now, I'll spread the word. Great idea and lovely work as always, Populista.

In for

10, thats all I've got. But I have your fund raising page bookmarked for future contributions.


Just donated $10/state for the February 5th states. Anyone up for matching me? It would only take 999 more to make Populista's challenge!

I just donated $500

So when someone asks me what I spent my "stimulus" check on, I'll tell them it was to help elect the next president. :)

I can't tip you so I'll just send Obama $$$$$$$$$

If Obama announces a fundraiser here in Seattle in the next several days I'll be doing that instead, or maybe in addition to this.

I sent my first donation to Obama's Exploratory Committee early last February hoping Barack would run.

Today after work after riding the ferry back to the Island I joined a couple of others doing sign waving for Obama on the main highway near the ferry dock.

I also got a letter to the editor about civil liberties printed in today's Seattle P.I.

Can Hillary's campaign withstand another Obama victory speech?


I don't know about you but those donations and the hundreds of others who have donated to the Obamathon are inspiring.

I have done mostly blogging for Obama but tomorrow I'm going to really start working on the ground for him. I will be phone banking for a few hours, learning how to be a precinct captain, and meeting all the great people at one of the 7 Minnesota offices. That will get me ready for the final week were I will dedicate every bit of free time to Obama. In the last few days I will be joined by fellow blogger icebergslim and we will be fighting for a Obama win in Minnesota. But that's just here. Wherever you are I hope you get involved, phone bank, canvass, become a precinct captain, even blog. And if you donated write a blog about why and ask someone to match.

And if you have not donated yet please do. And when you do think about adding 3.01 dollars on top for that women that Barack talked about tonight. This is not going to be easy. But together we can do it. Donate here.

And thank you for all the great work you guys do.

Yes we can!

9 days 'till change.

UPDATE: For those who have not seen the speech yet. Here it is:

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