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BREAKING: 10-Point Swing Towards Obama! (With your help)

From April 19th, 2008

The only way to influence polls is to take action and change minds. Don't you want to see a "OBAMA WINS PA" headline? Don't you want a big swing in the polls towards Obama? The only way to make that happen is to take action. This morning kath25 posted a great action diary that didn't get much attention so I asked if I could repost it. Hopefully this headline will get you to see this and take action. And if your not a phonebanking type you can always donate.

Obsessing over the latest ups and downs doesn't do anything. Taking action does. Read kath's easy ways to take action below the flip and take action. Even if it's just twenty minutes of your time. It makes a difference. It will help bring the 10-Point Swing Towards Obama!

This is the last weekend to help Obama in Pennsylvania! We’ve all seen the great photo diaries from last night’s 40,000+ supporter rally in Philly. Obama’s leading the news across the Keystone State.

Now, Obama needs your help to capitalize on this attention and turn it into VOTES. Remember, folks, it’s votes that count. How do we get more votes? Easy – we make calls. Today, it’s all about phonebanking, and Obama needs your help.

I’ve got a community phonebanking diary set up here, and to make it more fun for you all, a few local Philly celebrities have agreed to drop in and encourage us.

Call Pennsylvania Voters
Use the online phonebanking tool and call PA voters. Even just 20 calls can make a difference and win voters for Obama. Will you join us in making a difference? Call voters in PA.

Call Pennsylvania Women
Women for Obama, let’s remind women in Pennsylvania that they have a real choice for a great feminist man who cares deeply about women’s issues. Call women in PA.

Call Pennsylvania Students
Fellow young people, let’s keep our turnout high in this election and keep making a difference in selecting our next President. Let’s kill that "apathetic youth" meme once and for all. Call students in PA.

Call Pennsylvania Veterans
Obama wants to honor, respect, and care for our veterans. Vets, grab those phones and call other vets in PA and explain to them why Obama is the best candidate to keep our nation’s sacred promise to those who serve in the military. Call PA veterans.


Now, I promised you local Philly celebrities to inspire you all to make these calls, and here they are.

Ben Franklin can’t endorse Obama, but if you believe in the founding father’s message, you’ll want to make calls on his behalf. As Ben once said himself, "Hide not your talents, they for use were made. What's a sun-dial in the shade?" Ben didn’t have a phone, but if he did, I know "sun-dial" would be replaced with "cell phone" and "shade" with "pocket." So take out those phones and get dialing! Let’s provide some back-up to the volunteers on the ground in PA today and make calls. Can you give just one hour of your time today? After all, as Ben Franklin says, "He that is good for making excuses is seldom good for anything else."
It’s no surprise that McNabb should be making a phonebanking play, given that Obama’s such a sports fan. McNabb’s calling an audible from the line, and needs you to reach out to those PA voters today. He doesn’t like the look of Hillary’s defense, and he’s calling on you to help get things done for Obama. Plus, if that’s not good enough, it’ll really piss off Rush Limbaugh. (Note: as far as I know, McNabb hasn’t actually endorsed Obama. Yet.)
Ahh, the noble Philly cheesesteak. That cheesesteak can’t make calls today, but you sure can. This luscious lunchmeat knows that change starts with you. So put down that sandwich and pick up that phone. Call voters across PA and tell them why YOU support Obama, and why you think he’s the best person to be President of our great country. Then, once you’ve made your calls, go reward yourself with some greasy goodness.


Ok, now that I've suckered you in with my silly cartoons, please take an hour and make calls today.

Call Pennsylvania Voters.
Call Pennsylvania women.
Call Pennsylvania Students.
Call Pennsylvania Veterans.


If you're new to phonebanking, ask questions in the comments and myself or another seasoned caller will help you out. Also, check out these diaries by Elise:

How to (Ba)Rock a Phonebank
How To (Ba)Rock a Phonebank II


The Most Important Thing You Can Do Today is Call.

The only reason why Obama has made it this far is through the tremendous outpouring of support from volunteers such as yourself. He has a great message and an amazing staff, but it's the commitment of regular people like all of us who spend our time spreading his message of hope in the future, change for the better and a government that will actually serve the people that has carried him to a lead in votes, states, and delegates.

Let's keep it going. I'm committed to supporting Obama all the way to Denver, and then November, and then inauguration day and beyond. None of us can get there alone. Who's with me in making some calls today?

UPDATE: Want some more inspiration? Here is Barack today out meeting the good people of PA.

UPDATE2: Also if you are not comfortable phonebanking here are some handy tips.

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