Sunday, September 7, 2008

Putting a myth to rest

One thing I've heard from some Republicans in praising Sarah Palin is that she "took on" the corrupt Alaska Republican Party establishment and specifically that she "took on" indicted Senator Ted Stevens. I've tried to debunk that but I still hear it being repeated. Now the Jed Report has uncovered some video footage that should pretty much put this claim to rest.

Also I found these videos featured prominently on Stevens channel

Let's face it. Ted Stevens and Sarah Palin are political allies. They have had some disagreements but both have helped each other out at key periods of their political careers. Ted Stevens has been indicted on corruption charges. Sarah Palin wants voters to put her a heartbeat away from leading the free world.

It's time to start being honest about that. And it's time to start thinking about if we want someone like that so close to the presidency.

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