Monday, September 1, 2008

Sarah Palin fails in Republican pollsters focus group

(h/t Oliver Willis)

Top Republican pollster Frank Luntz conducted a focus group of swing voters here in Minnesota for AARP and when he tested their reactions to Republican Vice Presidential pick Sarah Palin the result was not something I suspect the McCain campaign will be happy about.

However it does confirm Rasmussen's polling showing Palin to be playing very badly among undecided voters. From Andrew Sullivan:
But among the critical undecideds, the Palin pick made only 6 percent more likely to vote for McCain; and it made 31 percent less likely to vote for him. 49 percent said it would have no impact, and 15 percent remained unsure. More to the point: among undecideds, 59 percent said Palin was unready to be president. Only 6 percent said she was. If the first criterion for any job is whether you're ready for it, this is a pretty major indictment of the first act of McCain's presidential leadership.
The fact of the matter is that Sarah Palin is not playing well among undecided voters. She will help McCain bring out evangelicals but will that make up for her horrible performance among swing voters? I don't think so but we won't know until November 5th.

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