Sunday, October 19, 2008

Colin Powell slams Michelle Bachmann

Today Colin Powell endorsed Barack Obama quite eloquently on Meet the Press.

But why did the lifelong Republican endorse Barack Obama, a Democrat? In part beacuse of our very own agent of hate, Michelle Bachmann.

This business from the congresswoman from Minnesota saying, let’s examine all congressman to see who is pro-American or not pro-American. We’ve got to stop this kind of nonesense and pull ourselves together. And remember that our great strength is in our unity and diversity and so, that really was driving me.

I've had some disagreements with Colin Powell in the past to put it lightly. But he hit the nail on the head. Even Colin Powell, a man who probably could have become the Republican nominee for President in 1996 realizes the hateful fear mongering of Michelle Bachmann hurts our image abroad and hurts the political debate in our country by bringing it into the gutter.

Hopefully Powell will take some time out of his busy schedule and come to Minnesota to endorse and campaign for El Tinklenberg, the common sense candidate who is running against Michelle Bachmann.

But even if Powell isn't able to do that, I hope you donate to El Tinklenberg through the Netroots for El page. So far we've raised 1,415 from 28 donors and I've set a goal of 2,300, the equivalent of one maxed out big money donor. Let's prove that a politics of hope can win and can defeat a agent of hate like Michelle Bachmann

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Donate to El Tinklenberg!

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