Thursday, October 16, 2008

Minnesota Daily Political Roundup: 10/16/2008

A new poll that shook up the 6th congressional district race, a new ad in that race that is downright embarrassing, debates, awkward policy, Hillary. Lots of stuff happening today in the Minnesota political world. And we also have news of Norm Coleman's disturbing ties to Saddam Hussein's former lobbyist and Barack Obama's deeply troubling ties to crazy delicious breakfast food. All that and more in today's Minnesota daily political roundup.


-The biggest news of the day is a new poll of the 6th district congressional race that has Bachmann leading Tinklenberg 42-38, basically a statistical tie! I had been down on our hopes in the district but now I think we have a fighting shot!

-Doug Grow has a interesting article on Michelle Bachmann in MinnPost

-MPR also takes a look at the race.

-The two candidates sparred in a debate tonight.

-Michelle Bachmann has a new ad that could very well be the worst ad I've ever seen.

Senate race:

-Dean Barkley proposed something related to election financing today. It's very, odd though. The great Jeff Rosenberg has more.

-TheBigE has some questions about Gander Mountain.

-Hillary Clinton will campaign for Al Franken

-Sean Broom raises some disturbing questions over Barack Obama's ties to crazy delicious breakfast

-Norm Coleman took money from Saddam's lobbyist.

Other Congressional Races:
-There was a debate yesterday in the hotly contested race in the forth district.

-Tim Walz is fighting for the people of the first district again.

-The Independence Party might endorse a candidate for President. Let's hope Obama is able to snag that.

-Mary Pawlenty is going to hit the campaign trail.

-Hillary is headed to the Iron Range to campaign for Barack.

-Todd Palin campaigned on the Iron Range.


-Minnesota Independent takes a look at Minnesota's biggest givers.

-The single craziest member of the US Senate was in Minnesota tonight.

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