Friday, October 10, 2008

VA-05: Another fantastic ad out today

Tom Perriello is one of my favorite congressional candidates in the country. He's got a amazing background, he's helped take down Liberian dictator Charles Taylor, was a major player in the peace and reconciliation process in Sierra Leone, helped found the online grassroots people-powered humanitarian movement and many other things. Now he's running against Virgil Goode, a proud bigot and one of the worst if not the worst member of Congress. And he's been running some great ads created by the best ad firm in the country (IMO) Eichenbaum & Associates

Here is another great ad he's running

And what's Goode running ads about? That Tom used to have a scary beard.

It's fear mongering, plain and simple. But that's what Virgil Goode has built a career off.

It's a tough district to win but Virgina Gov. Tim Kaine won it in 2005 and I think Tom can win it too. The latest poll showed him down 13 which may sound like a lot but it's a 20 point gain since he started running ads.

With your help he can close that gap and win. Donate to him today.

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