Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Taking a look at my predictions

It's been a little bit more then a week since the elections and I'm finally starting to recover so let's take a look at how my predictions turned out.

Gubernatorial: Nailed it.

Presidential: Got everything right except for Indiana and NE-02 which Obama won and Missouri which it looks like Obama lost but still has not been called. Only one off for the electoral college count though.

Senate: Nailed it in every called race so far. Votes are still being counted and recounts will probably happen in Alaska and Minnesota. There will be a runoff in Georgia.

House: Off by a lot. We kept PA-11 but lost LA-06 and KS-02 and didn't pick up FL-25, IL-10, IN-03, MN-03, MN-06, MO-09, NJ-07, WA-08, AZ-03 and OH-02. So I was wrong on 13 races. There is a runoff in LA-04 and votes are still being counted in OH-15 and CA-04, I predicted the Dems would win all three of them, right now that's looking likely in OH-15 and LA-04 but not quite as likely in CA-04.

Right now though I missed 16 races out of 536 or about 97 percent. Not bad, not great.

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