Thursday, April 16, 2009


A scary world for them =

-The world being a safe place for gay people

-People being open about their sexuality and gender identification.

-Accurate portrayals of happy gay families.

-Other bad things include tolerance, piercings, diversity, courage, compassion, pride and equality.

In their sick and twisted world god loves you but he doesn't love who you are. They use "studies" to show that gays are inferior, remember anyone else using "studies" to show that any other groups are inferior? In their world hate, bullying and bigotry and accepted and encouraged.

It's sick, disgusting and wrong.

In California last November these forces of hate used their fear tactics, caught us all by surprise and passed Prop 8, banning marriage equality in California. In 2010 their will almost certainly be a measure on the ballot to repeal Prop 8 in 2010 and it will be a close fight. The forces of hate are gearing up with a false and fearmongering ad. Luckily the Courage Campaign, one of the best progressive groups in California, is fighting back by holding "Camp Courage" training camps around the state modeled off Camp Obama and Camp Wellstone to train activists on how to fight for equality. But they need money to put these on all over the state. If you want to fight back against these sick, fear mongering bigots send the Courage Campaign a donation. Whatever you can afford, 5 bucks or 5 thousand bucks. Don't let hate win.

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