Thursday, June 19, 2008

I'm still fired up!

From January 19th, 2008


While Nevada was disappointing to some of us Obama supporters. There is some positive news. That is tainted by some worrisome bad news. However I am more committed then ever to this campaign and I hope you are too. Because there is too much at stake. Too much at stake for moping and bickering. Too much at stake to shy away from the real fight.

But do not think that this is not going to be a fight. We're going to have to work with every bit of our heart and soul. We're going to have to fight. But this is a fight for the heart and soul of the Democratic Party. This is a fight for the heart and soul of America. And I'm in a fighting mood. I'm fired up. And I'm ready to take action.

Clinton won the popular vote, Obama won the delegates. There are stories of suppression by Clinton supporters. It's hard to tell how much that matters. It is looking like Obama will win South Carolina. Clinton won New Hampshire and Obama won Iowa. After South Carolina this is going to be a national fight on Feburary 5th. 22 states are going to be voting. There will be massive efforts for all candidates. Tens of thousands of volunteers. Millions of dollars spent. Millions of votes. Long nights. Controversy's, tension, bickering, fights. It's going to be a madhouse.

What we as Obama supporters need to do is forget all that day to day crap and fight like hell for what matters. Votes.

We're going to need to go to our local offices and make thousands, maybe even millions of calls to voters. We're going to need to bang on every door we possibly can. We're going to need to talk to everyone that will listen, online and offline about the issues facing our nation. We're going to need to make sure that all that matters by making sure people vote.

Obama has staff in every single Super Tuesday state. He's already on the air in Arizona, California, New Mexico, Tennessee, Missouri that I know of and will probably be up on more states within days. He is opening up new offices nearly daily. Lets take my state Minnesota for example

We have offices open and staffed in St. Paul, Minneapolis, St. Cloud, Rochester, Moorehead, Mankato and Duluth. We will have 3 more phone banking locations by the last days for GOTV. Just today hundreds of people were knocking on doors or calling people. And hundreds more were marking the anniversary of our first major Draft Obama event with the second annual Walk for Obama. Last time nearly 100 people walked in the bitter cold with Minneapolis mayor R.T. Rybak to urge Obama to run. R.T was the first major city mayor to endorse Obama and the most prominent political endorser of the Draft Obama movement. Now he is the state chairman of the Obama campaign and over 100 people were expected to turn out (I was unable to attend unfortunately.) The campaign is in full swing and we're working our butt off. The same thing is happening all over the country. People are organizing, new offices are opening, new staff are starting to work, volunteers are pouring in. In Minnesota, we're fired up.

I can't speak for people in other states. But I find it hard to believe that it's only in Minnesota that we're ready to go. From all blogs and news accounts I have seen all around the country the same thing is happening.

But as much as it would be nice we can't sit back here and be glad that people are getting active. We're going to have to get active. This will be a huge fight down to the fight last state. It will go past February 5th. That doesn't mean February 5th isn't important though. And just because February 5th is important that doesn't mean that other states are not important.

Were going to have to work hard but this is a fight for the heart a soul of the Democratic Party. As thereisnospoon said it's a choice Howard Dean or Terry McAuliffe. I have decided that I am going to fight with everything I've got. I am 14 and I don't want to have to keep on fighting for the heart and soul of our party. I want to be able to focus on getting a progressive agenda through and making the world a better place. That's what I have decided to do with my life.

I'm fired up and I'm ready to go. And I hope this makes you fired up and ready to go too. And I hope tomorrow you'll head over to Obama's website and find you're local HQ. Call them or e-mail you're local organizer and ask how you can help. It's probably too late to do that tonight. But you still can do one thing tonight. And that is send a contribution to Obama's campaign to make sure his campaign has the resources to keep up the fight. I would love it if you sent it in via my Obama jar.

Yes we can.

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