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Minnesota is ready for Obama!

From January 21st, 2008


Here in Minnesota we are gearing up for our important Democratic caucus on February 5th. And with 15 days left us Obama supporters are putting everything we've got into it. We are organizing around the clock, opening new offices and getting more and more support.

We now have 7 offices in Minnesota. 7 different offices in a presidental primary election. That is unheard of. Just this past weekend we knocked on over a thousand doors and made over ten thousand calls to voters. This Thursday we will be hosting dozens of house parties around the state. All around the state we are organizing, organizing, organizing. And we're fighting hard to win this thing! In this diary I will try to give you a overview of our current efforts.


First the offices. Here is a list of current Minnesota for Obama offices

Minnesota State Headquarters
2233 University Ave
Suite 225
St. Paul, MN 55114
Phone: 651-645-2008

Minneapolis Headquarters
212 N 3rd Avenue
Suite 340
Minneapolis, MN 55401
Phone: 612-968-4738

Southeast Minnesota Headquarters
2002 2nd Street SW
Suite 5
Rochester, MN 55902
Phone: 507-206-7941

Southwest Minnesota Headquarters
505 Riverfront Avenue
Mankato, MN 56001
Phone: 507-206-7941

Northeast Minnesota Headquarters
126 W 1st Street
Duluth, MN 55802
Phone: 218-464-3895

Central Minnesota Headquarters
904 W St. Germain Street
St. Cloud, MN 56301
Phone: 320-248-2335

North Central Minnesota Headquarters
15 Washington Street
Brainerd, MN 56401
Phone: 218-464-3896

We also have our Online HQ which has a great guide to caucusing for Obama here in Minnesota.

Caucus for Change House Parties.
On Thursday there will be house parties all around the state. Current estimates range from 30 to 50 parties to be held on a weekday in one middle sized state! Barack's sister, Maya Soetoro-Ng, will be dialing in for a special conference call to the House Parties. If you're in Minnesota sign up to go to one!

Women For Obama:
The Obama campaign is doing lots of outreach to Women. Here is a upcoming event for any women for Obama:

Women For Obama Morning Meeting with Congresswoman Betty McCollum
(open press)
Tuesday, Jan 22nd
8:00 am - 9:00 am
The Lexington
1096 Grand Ave
St. Paul, MN

That's tomorrow morning. Betty is a great person and speaker and so if you've got a chance make sure to be there. She is one of the great people who have endorsed Barack.

Speaking of endorsements here is a long list of other Minnesota endorsers that the campaign has rolled out.

State Chair - Minneapolis Mayor R.T. Rybak
Co-Chair - Congresswoman Betty McCollum
Co-Chair - Congressman Keith Ellison
Co-Chair - Duluth Mayor-Elect Don Ness

State Senator Terri Bonoff
Sam and Sylvia Kaplan
Former St. Paul Mayor Jim Schiebel
Former Minneapolis Mayor Sharon Sayles-Belton
Minneapolis Mayor R.T. Rybak
CongressmanKeith Ellison
Congresswoman Betty McCollum
Duluth Mayor-Elect Don Ness
Minneapolis Council Member Paul Ostrow
Minneapolis Council Member Ralph Remington
Minneapolis Council Member Don Samuels
Minneapolis Council Member Robert Lilligren
Minneapolis Council Member Betsy Hodges
Minneapolis Council Member Elizabeth Glidden
Jim Scheibel
Sharon Sayles-Belton
Melvin Carter
State Representative Frank Hornstein
State Representative John Lesch
State Representative Tim Faust
State Representative John Benson
State Representative Augustine "Willie" Dominguez
State Senator Terri Bonoff
State Senator Dick Cohen
State Senator Katie Sieben
State Senator Patricia Torres Ray Minneapolis
Duluth Council Member Tony Cuneo
DFL Black Caucus Co-Chair Bill Davis
DFL Black Caucus Co-Chair Josie Johnson
State Representative Mike Jaros
St. Paul Council Member Russ Stark
St. Paul Council Member Pat Harris
State Senator John Marty
Beth Mercer-Taylor
Minneapolis School Board Member Tom Madden
Library Board Member Minneapolis Laura Waterman-Whitstock
Ramsey County County Commissioner Ralph Ortega
Pakou Hang
Hussein Samatar
Nimco Ahmed
Secretary-Treasurer UAW 879 Bob Killeen
Sam Kaplan
Sylvia Kaplan
Lou Frillman
Carroll Frillman
Kenneth Foxworth
Paul Provost
Carl Holmquist
Pam Meier
Yolanda Lehman
Katie McGee
David Jensen
Roger Gruesing
Roger Munger
Sally Munger
B Todd Jones
Roseanne Hope
Wendy Dayton
Karin Birkland
Susan Lensestey
Peter Gillette
Robin Sternberg
Trish Kiefer
Jim Smart
Cindy Smart
Roxanne Givens

Pretty long list eh?


While it's great that all this is happening it means nothing if YOU don't get involved. So via Chris Miller the state director for Obama here are the top 5 ways you can get involved!

  1. Precinct Captains

As we learned from Iowa, the most organized campaign will win on caucus night. In order to ensure success in Minnesota we need to make have a presence at every major precinct caucus around the state. If you are interested in helping us out on caucus night as a Precinct Captain please let me know and I will put you in touch with your local field organizer who can provide you will all the needed materials. When contacting me about being a precinct captain please make sure to include your address so I can put the right FO in touch with you. cmiller(AT)barackobama(DOT)com.

  1. House Parties

It is our goal to have 30 to 50 house parties around the state hosted by our precinct captains this Thursday, January 24th. We basically want our PCs to reach out to their friends and neighbors, talk about supporting Barack and educate people on the caucus February 5th. At 7:45 Barack;s sister Maya will be joining us for a conference call as well. It is important we track every single house party occurring that night so we can tell the press so if you are interested in hosting one please let me know at cmiller(AT)barackobama(DOT)com

  1. Phone Banks

An ideal phone bank has at least 5 lines that we can either use fulltime or from 5 to 9 during the week and all weekend long. Law offices, real estate offices or small businesses all work for phone banks. We need phone banks all over the state and most especially in the Twin Cities so if you have any leads please contact Mitchell Kent at mitchell_kent(AT)yahoo(DOT)com.

  1. Housing

Chicago understands the importance of winning Minnesota and as a result wants to send as many FOs (field organizer) and out of state volunteers our way. In order to accept these folks we need to guarantee housing. If you have any space in your house or know of friends or family also willing to house Obama folks in the next 2 weeks please contact Mitchell Kent at mitchell_kent(AT)yahoo(DOT)com. Our greatest housing need will be during Get-Out-The-Caucus, Feb 1st – Feb 5th.

  1. Email your list

Send an email to your personal list telling folks why you are supporting Barack Obama. Remind them to Caucus for Barack on February 5 at 6:30. Send them to to volunteer for the campaign.

Just to add a personal note. It is vitally important to get organized and we have been fighting for a long time in Minnesota. This is a battle that has been going on for a long time in Minnesota. The grassroots vs the establishment. The establishment won in the 06 process with Hatch, they won in 04 with Kerry. But there candidates always lose. It's the grassroots candidates like Paul Wellstone, Keith Ellison and Barack Obama who win in the GE and I don't want to lose again. Help us win. Get active. And I will close with some classic Wellstone.

"Never separate the life you live from the words you speak."

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