Monday, July 21, 2008

Fight Back! Post-Debate Call to Obamaction

From April 16th, 2008


Tonight we saw one of the biggest "gotcha politics" debates yet. The moderators seemed set on destroying Obama by using trivial matters to play "gotcha!" Tonight we also saw why Barack Obama is the right canidate for president. Tonight he showed why he is the right canidate to take on John McCain and the right canidate to turn around our country. Because he fought back by talking about what Americans care about. The issues.

Time and time again the moderators tried to use trivial matters to divide us and time and time again Barack Obama responded by talking about the serious problems facing our country. Health care, Iraq, the economy, the environment. And then they would attack again using the same old right-wing frames.

I think Barack got it right. The American people and the people of Pennsylvania are better then that. They can see through the petty attacks and they will vote on the real issues. They will see Obama's record and his plan. And that record and that plan is clear.

Barack Obama will pass a comprehensive 100% Cap and Auction Carbon emissions plan.

Barack Obama will make massive investments in energy independence.

Barack Obama will invest in energy efficiency and promote fuel efficiency and alternatives to driving.

Barack Obama voted to eliminate Cluster Bombs.

Barack Obama is opposed to the militarization of space.

Barack Obama has set a goal of the elimination of nuclear weapons, but will not do so unilaterally.

Barack Obama will target and attack those who attack our nation and build alliances with everyone else.

Barack Obama will meet with leaders of foreign countries and rebuild our nation's relationships around the world.

Barack Obama will make sensible reforms to United States policy towards Cuba, allowing more visits and more economic exchange with Cuba for Cuban-American families.

Barack Obama will double United States humanitarian foreign aid.

Barack Obama will pass comprehensive immigration reform in his first year in office.

Barack Obama will stand with Caucus for Priorities for sensible reductions in our military expenditures and reinvestment in our infratructure and our people. Watch this video.

Barack Obama is for portable, opt-out pensions for working families.

Barack Obama is for ready return income tax returns that benefit all Americans who have straightforward taxes.

Barack Obama will eliminate income taxes entirely for fixed income seniors making under $50,000 a year.

Barack Obama is for a Universal Health Care plan that has shared responsibility between Government, Business and Individuals.

Barack Obama is for true net neutrality.

Barack Obama is for transparency in our government and public access to the work done in Washington D.C.

Barack Obama voted for accountability on FISA.

Barack Obama contributed to the effort to reverse the South Dakota abortion ban.

Barack Obama will pay our teachers more.

Barack Obama will create a national service program for college students.

Barack Obama will routinely ask parents to help in the education of their children.

Barack Obama will pass a law banning replacement workers.

Barack Obama has spoken out against homophobia and Anti-Semitism at African American churches.

Barack Obama has spoken in favor of condom use to combat AIDS at evangelical mega churches.

Barack Obama and his wife Michelle took a public HIV test in Kenya to promote testing as a means of preventing the spread of AIDS/HIV.

Barack Obama has made the central internal credo of his campaign be the three words, Respect, Empower, Include.

Barack Obama graduated from Columbia University and went to work as a community organizer on Chicago's South Side.

Barack Obama is a Constitutional Scholar who will promote respect for the rule of law and a return to respect for the Constitution within our Exectutive Branch.

Finally, Barack Obama understands the meaning of the fundamental moral imperatives that underly the politics of our party. (Watch that clip.)


But while that record and his strong debate performance might have sealed the deal for some people they also might not come out to vote.

We can't afford that.

If you agree with me that Barack Obama should be president then we can't just watch debates and see how well Barack performed. We need to turn that performance into votes by taking action. Calling voters in PA. Traveling to PA for GOTV. Donating to the campaign so they have the resources to win. Writing a letter to the editor saying how well you thought Barack did.

Barack is doing everything he can and he just did very well in the debate. I think we owe it to him to do our share of the work.

He just endured two hours of relentless right-wing attacks from a media that wants desperately to tear him down. The least we can do is fight back and take action!

If you have had enough of gotcha politics. Take action.

If you want real change in America. Take action.

If you want to see Barack Obama as President on January 20th, 2009. Take action.

We can do this but it won't happen if we stay on the sidelines.

Democracy begins with you. Tag. Your it.



Yes. We. Can.


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