Monday, July 21, 2008

To Obama Supporters: It's The Action, Stupid.

From April 15th, 2008


It's the economy, stupid. That was the famous banner in Bill Clinton's Little Rock War Room.

Once again the economy is a major issue. So is Iraq. So is health care. So are a whole host of other issues.

But issues only matter if they can be communicated to the American people. And you can't get any kind of message across unless you have campaign funds, unless you have dedicated volunteers that pick up the phone and call voters, that go door to door and do all the other work that needs to be done.

Polls have zero effect on the election. Daily up and downs have almost no effect on the election.

Frankly if you want Barack Obama to win the only thing that matters is action. In other words. It's the action, stupid.

So far 1,327,935 people have taken action by donating.

Many of those have gotten involved and signed up to volunteer or attended a event.

14,265,507 people have taken action by going to the polls and voting for Barack Obama.

Many more will, and the only way to get more people to do that is by action.

Today kath25 kicked off Obama Action Week in a effort to get us here to start focusing a bit more on action. casperr followed that up by writing a fantastic diary "How Badly do you want Barack to be our next President?." However neither got much exposure. So I thought I would add my voice.

More than 10,000 Pennsylvanians signed a letter that speaks out against the recent attacks in support of Barack Obama. Pennsylvania is a hard state for Barack to win but the only way we can change that is by taking action. Can you imagine how great it would be to win Pennsylvania? The race would be over. Don't you want the race over? Then take action.


Call people. I know it doesn't sound fun but it makes a difference.


Another thing that helps. And when I say helps I mean helps is person to person contact. Unless you are in PA or have invented some kind of magical technology you have to hit the road and travel to PA if you want to talk to people and convince them to vote for Barack face to face. I understand many of you cant. But if you possibly can, PLEASE do.


Or if you can't do either of those you can always donate. Join 1,328,325 others and your donation will be matched by someone else. Running political campaigns is not easy or cheap. So donate.

Do whatever you can do. But please, please do something. Meet or exceed Gov. Jim Hodges challenge to spend 20 minutes a day helping elect Barack.

We can't afford to wait for change any longer. One of my favorite radio talk show hosts, Thom Hartmann, ends each show with a challenge:

Democracy begins with you, activism begins with you. Tag, your it.

Tag. Your it. What will you do to help elect Barack Obama?


Yes. We. Can.

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