Friday, September 5, 2008

Joe Biden at his best

When Barack Obama picked Joe Biden as his vice presidential running mate I thought it was a solid pick but wasn't hugely enthusiastic about it beacuse there are some policy positions that he holds that I'm not exactly happy about. However as the days go by I am more and more glad that he was picked.

He has shown he is a fantastic campaigner who complements Obama perfectly and I think he will be a fantastic governing partner. I think Obama showed very good judgment by picking Biden and Joe showed why today.

Biden tears apart the Republican ticket for it's total lack of focus and understanding of any of the major challenges we face.

I think Steve Clemons (who was right about Joe Biden) nailed it last night

I just don't believe he understands how important it is to see that this is a major moment of historical discontinuity for the world and for the United States. To preserve America's constructive global role and to offset more calamity at home and abroad -- we need to talk about more than drilling off the coast, and keeping down taxes (while oddly continuing to beef up the US military and its obligations without regard to receipts to pay for this).
That pretty much explains my feelings about the RNC. The Republicans spent four days showing they don't get it. It's not that they are bad people necessarily (although I thought their exploiting of 9/11 was utterly shameful and unacceptable), it's that the ticket of candidates they are putting forth fundamentally does not get how big the challenges that we face are. It's just a election year problem that can be fixed by simple, wrongheaded slogans (Drill here, drill now, pay less. Stronger military, stronger America. Lower taxes, more prosperity.) The problem is that their isn't a simple fix to the mess we are in, and if you don't get that (and I don't like John McCain or Sarah Palin do), then you will not be able to do anything meaningful about our situation.

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