Thursday, September 4, 2008

MN-02: New ad from Team Sarvi "Wrong"

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Iraq War Vet and Second District Democratic Nominee Steve Sarvi is up with the first ad of the MN-02 race. It's a solid ad, I'm not quite as impressed with it as I am with Ashwin Madia's ads but it's a good ad that defines Sarvi in the terms that Sarvi wants before Kline has a chance to define him. He also defines Kline before Kline can which is important since despite being the incumbent, Kline is not well known.

It's essentially the same strategy that Tim Walz used in 2006. If you want to him run this ad you can donate here.

And if your wondering why you should help Sarvi win I wrote about John Kline's out of touch record awhile ago. Learn about the Kline Record and donate to Steve Sarvi.v

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