Thursday, October 9, 2008

Minnesota Daily Political Roundup: 10/9/2008

Senate Race

-Norm Coleman campaigned in New Ulm

-Al Franken is hitting Norm Coleman on Social Security.

-Franken, Coleman and Barkley will meet for their second debate on Saturday.

-After his negative ads went over horribly Coleman is trying to go positive with a new ad featuring his daughter.

-Eric Black has a lot more on "Suitgate"

- Mark Dayton slams Norm Coleman on oversight in a op-ed.

- Al Franken has a anti-negative campaigning ad out.

-The DSCC also has a new ad out

- Rasmussen has their latest poll of the Senate race out. Al Franken leads Norm Coleman 43-37 with Dean Barkley pulling in 17 percent. Coleman led in their last poll. I think Franken has gained the edge in this race.

Congressional Races

-Alliance for a Better Minnesota has a new ad hitting Michelle Bachmann on her ties to Bush.

-Ashwin Madia had a HUGE fundraising quarter in Q3. He raised nearly a million dollars bringing his total to over 2.1 million for the race so far. We don't know the exact numbers for Erik Paulsen but we know he hit 2 million on September 16th from a campaign e-mail.

-Healthcare for America Now will air ads against Erik Paulsen. I'll post it when I can get a copy.

-The first debate in the first district was today between Brian Davis and Tim Walz. You can watch some of it at The UpTake

-I agree with Jeff and Jeff. Please, please don't run for governor Matt Entenza. I'm begging you. Seriously.

-T Paw is hitting the road for State House GOPers.

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