Thursday, October 9, 2008

Panic at the NRCC: House Republicans Scaling Back

The National Republican Campaign Committee (NRCC) is in dire circumstances. It's being way outspent and outraised by it's Democratic counterpart the DCCC and Democrats seem likely to pick up another 20-30 seats this election even after their massive gains in 2006.

Things just got a whole lot worse though. Yesterday we learned that the NRCC was scaling back it's ad buy in MN-03. Today the good folks at New Mexico FBIHOP broke the news that the NRCC ad buy for New Mexico's first district has been cut by two thirds and the Rothenberg Political Report is reporting that they have scaled back their buy in NV-03.

This looked kind of like a trend. So I did some digging into places where the NRCC had been planning ads to see if there was more to the story.

Turns out there is. After checking with some local sources I've found out they've canceled buys in 8 different districts and I'm still digging for more. Here's the list of the districts and times that I've got cancellation confirmations in so far.

FL-16: 10/14-10/20 in West Palm and Ft. Myers
ID-1: 10/7-10/21 in Spokane
KS-02: 10/21-10/27 in all district markets
LA-06: 10/21-10/27 in Baton Rouge
MN-03: 10/14-10/20 in Minneapolis
NV-03: broadcast and cable buys 10/14-10/20
TX-22: 10/14-10/20 in Houston.
NM-01: 10/14-28 in Albuquerque

I'm hearing some stuff about OH-15, OH-16, LA-04, CO-04 and a few other districts that I'm working to confirm.

Not a good sign for Republican chances in November.

More soon...

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