Saturday, November 1, 2008

Obama's campaign shatters records

I just got off a call with 20,000 teams leaders from around the country that Obama Field Director Jon Carson hosted. We heard from David Ploffe and Barack himself. To keep us occupied while we waited for Barack Jon told us some of what we've done.

Some of what we've done:

-1.9 million voters registered.

-1,119,022 GOTV shifts filled.

-Took the first three weeks to get to the first 2 million contacts. 1 week to get to the next 2 million and 2.5 million a week since.

-13.3 million voter contacts. That's actual conversations with voters. About 1 out of every 10 people who vote in this election will have been personally contacted by the Barack Obama campaign. Considering most of this has been going on in battleground states the number there is probably something closer to 1 of every three voters or even half the voting age population in super battlegrounds like Virgina.

Early Voting:

Not sure I got this all right but here's some of what I think I heard.

-In North Carolina Democrats have a 500,000 voter advantage as of yesterday.

-In Nevada we've got a 13% advantage in early voting. In 2004 it was only 4%

-In Colorado where Republicans always had big leads in early voting we now have a 25,000 lead in early voting.

-In Florida 3.8 million early votes have been cast already. And Democrats have a 7% advantage among those voters.

Barack's Message to Us:

Barack sounded unbelievably tired. He said we've come so far and it would be a shame not to finish strong. That people have registered lots of new voters before but making sure they turn out is the hard part. And he had three requests.

-Increase your commitment even more. We can sleep after the election, and believe me, I could use sleep just as much as any of you.

-Bring a freind. Prove the doubters wrong and lets make sure the new voters turn up this time.

-Keep people fired up. There's long lines across the country and they will be even longer on election day. Keep everyone fired up and motivated and lets fight for every vote.

And finally he borrowed a phrase from Markos and told us all to leave it all on the field. We've got McCain at his 5 yard line. Let's finish the job.

And then he said thank you to all of us for the work we're doing.

So let's do this.

The Obama campaign has a nice splash you should go to, punch in your zip code and get involved locally if your in a competitive state. If not you can still help out by using the easy online phonebanking tool or by making a final donation.

This is it. Less then 72 hours until the polls close. They might be the most important 72 hours in our lifetimes.

Fired up!


LandStander said...

Ready to go!

Actually did my first canvassing last weekend in Reno. Drove there with two friends from SF (Drive for Change). To our complete surprise, Obama was holding a rally the morning after we arrived. After 3 hours sleep, we got to attend the rally not more than 20 feet from the podium, and then canvassed the rest of the day.
Tomorrow and Monday - phone banking here in SF. Maybe Tuesday as well.

jt said...

NC registration advantage is 858K+ (see: