Friday, May 8, 2009

Daily Stuff - 5/8/09

-My fellow MPP blogger Brian Falldin wants my favorite St Paul City Councilmember, Melvin Carter, to run for governor. I'm unconvinced. Melvin is a great guy but he's been on the council for a year. I'll be strongly encouraging him to run for mayor in 2013 and maybe governor in 2018. He's got young kids and by then would be just barely 40 when inaugurated I believe. We've got plenty of other promising potential candidates this time around.

-I'm proud of my state for being the first to ban BPA, all the fantastic advocates who worked so hard for this day and Governor Pawlenty for signing this bill.

-Arlen Specter and Diane Feinstein are laying the groundwork for a "compromise" on EFCA. It's not nearly as good as the original bill which I continue to support but it's much better then other "compromises" I've seen floating around and would be a genuine improvement over the current system. Labor law needs to be updated and this would be a step forward.

-Breaking news: Sean Hannity makes Stephen Colbert's job easy.

-Obama's administration is gearing up to fire two awful bank CEO's: Ken Lewis and Vikram Pandit. Good.

-A Democratic Congressman from a district that Obama won by a huge margin is obstructing any chance of saving the climate. And he wants to be governor. Awesome! Don't elect this guy, Hawaii.

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