Sunday, May 10, 2009

Weekend Stuff

Here's some notable stuff that I have been reading or watching over the weekend.

-The AP has a scoop on a major announcement coming tomorow about healthcare costs. I have a no AP linking policy due to many things (mostly their stance on content distribution and copyright) but you should be able to find it with a quick Google. Paul Krugman has most of it along with his thoughts which I mostly agree with. It's a good step forward but I honestly don't have a whole lot of trust in these people. I think they are trying to use this to improve their public image so they can kill the public plan. I hope Obama sticks to his guns and gives us all a choice (You can help out with that by Standing With Dr. Dean).

-Obama as it turns out, can make some pretty good jokes. Sure they got written by comedy writers so do Colbert and Stewart's jokes. I've always imagined this would be the most fun part about being president.

-Rock Hackshaw, a great blogger from NYC has a very good post about urban issues.

-John Edwards had smart people running his campaign.

-Cory Booker takes to HuffPost to write about education reform. I don't agree with Cory on everything but it's worth a read.

-President Obama: Please stand up to Bibi. If you are able to resolve the I/P issue it will be a lasting legacy that only addressing climate change will be able to match.

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