Monday, May 11, 2009

Daily Stuff: May 11 / 2009

-I wonder what reading Senate Finance Committee papers on policy options to expand healthcare coverage on a Monday night and finding it interesting makes me. In any case, if anyone else is into that kind of stuff here it is.

-This is incredibly depressing. Our planet is about to hit dangerous tipping points that could drastically change the way of life for billions of people on Earth and potentially cause "water wars" that could cost us trillions and Congress is debating perhaps one of the most wide reaching changes to our economy ever. And no one has any clue about what that change is. More people think cap and trade has to due with Wall Street reform then the enviorment. Doesn't make you feel confident in our f future.

-Speaking of which Gillian Caldwell, the awesome director of 1Sky has a post on Climate Progress about "climate trauma." It was good to know that I wasn't the only one feeling like that.

-On a much brighter climate related note Joe Romm thinks carbon dioxide emissions in the United States peaked in 2007 and I can't argue with his logic. That would be fantastic news.

-Mike Lux is quite smart. He is a big fan of toast. Me too. He also wishes America made good high quality products, that would be cool as well.

-What Yglesias said

-Arjun Jaikumar is leaving DailyKos for the DSCC. Couldn't have happened to a better person. Arjun is one of the best damn bloggers that DailyKos ever put on the front page.

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