Saturday, May 16, 2009

Daily Stuff: May 16 / 2009

I'm back from the road.

-Megan Mcardle the make a great case to not include offsets in a cap and trade regime and turns it into a argument in favor on a carbon tax. Sigh.

-Waxman released the compromise version of his climate bill. Romm, Jenkins/Norris and many more have takes on it. I pretty much agree with the

-Obama's nomination of Jon Huntsman to be Ambassador to China strikes me as completely brilliant

-Happy Whitey Tape Day!

-CBO + Healthcare Reform Numbers = Jon Cohn

-R.T. Rybak won his first DFL endorsement easily on the first round. Why? Beacuse he's a good mayor.

-You've got to admit, our president is just a little bit adorable.

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