Friday, May 22, 2009

Daily Stuff: May 22 / 2009

-This is kind of cool.

-Funny things happen when Republicans are honest.

-Yes. Waterboarding is torture. Duh.

-Doesn't have a rate cap but still a step forward. Obama signs the credit card bill of rights.

-Please stop tweeting, Glenn Beck. Examples of Beck tweets "we're all going to die. Soon." and "I like fish"

-I don't entirely agree with Jesse Jenkins and the Breakthrough Institute on climate change and the ACES bill (See Joe Romm for a slightly over the top version of that) but Jesse has a very measured take on what we need to do to improve the bill. The bottom line: we need more money for clean energy. It's more complicated then that but it is a important point to make.

-Ethan McNamee for President!

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