Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Minnesota Daily Political Roundup: 10/15/2008

Sorry I've missed a few days. I had a big test, and you know, sometimes that comes first ;) Lots of stuff to catch up with.


-Al Franken raised 4.4 million dollars in Q3. Coleman? 1.5 million. Wow, fantastic news.

-Stu Rothenberg has the race as a tossup.

-FiveThiryEight has it at Tilts Democratic

-Joe Lieberman, the "Democrat" who will get kicked out of the party at the end of the year is going to bat for Coleman.

-The Hill profiles Dean Barkley

-DSCC has a new ad out.

-Franken has two new ads


-El Tinklenberg has been added to the DCCC's Red to Blue program for competitive Democratic candidates, very good news.

-Michelle Bachmann ducked another debate

-And she's in a little bit of a scandal

-Tinklenberg has passed the 1 million mark for the race

-And released a web ad that if refined for TV could, IMO be a gamechanger.


-Kare11 and WCCO profile the race.

-The Humphrey Institute hosted Paulsen and Madia

-Erick Black takes on Erik Paulsen

-Madia has a new ad up.


-Voter registration is breaking records right and left.

-Everyone wants to be a election judge.

-Even some Republicans like the outdoors and arts.

-Surprise! People don't care about a three cent gas tax increase when it helps builds roads and bridges.

-Minnesota loves Michelle Obama I was at her TC event, it was amazing.

-MPR just put out the coolest campaign tool of the cycle. Check it out!

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