Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Panic! At the Republican Party

I wrote a few days ago about the National Republican Campaign Committee (NRCC) scaling back ad buys all around the country.

Well since then we've found out more.

The NRCC is scaling back their buy even MORE in Minnesota's third district and now only has one week reserved for Republican candidate Erik Paulsen.

The rumors I heard about OH-16 where correct. The NRCC has canceled almost a third of a million dollars of ad time in that district.

Following up on those stories the Politico reported that the NRCC is ditching it's "prized" recruits in Republican open seats to focus only on holding down Democratic gains by protecting incumbents.

And now the Republicans are getting worried about the Senate side of things too. First the report that the RNC would take out a 5 million dollar loan not to help McCain, but as a last resort to stop Democrats from getting 60 seats in the Senate and just now the news is breaking that they are pulling out of their only long shot hope to knock off a Democratic incumbent. Even in Colorado where they hoped to hold on to a Republican seat they are pulling out and I suspect we'll see more of this in the coming days.

And it's not just congressional races. The RNC is pulling it's McCain ads from Wisconsin and Maine after the McCain campaign pulled out of Michigan.

The Republicans are on their deathbed. We could be looking at a 60+ seat majority in the Senate, 100+ majority in the House and a 400+ EV landslide for Obama. This could all change, but right now things are looking good.

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Steven said...

Hope you're right!

You often are.