Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Panic! At the NRCC Part 2

I've written before about the major scaling back at the Republican party and their campaign arm, the NRCC in particular as they scale back to try desperately to avoid the electoral devastation that awaits them in less then two weeks. At the point of my first post they had started scaling back in 8 districts. Since then they've scaled back in OH-06 and MI-09. Now today comes three more districts, CO-04, MN-06 and FL-24 bringing the total to 13 districts.

But there is more then that. A new GOP "Death List" has been leaked apparently top Republicans have left Republicans in the following districts for dead ranking them as likely gone

-New York 13
-Arizona 1
-Virginia 11
-New York 25
-Illinois 11
-Florida 24
-Michigan 7
-Nevada 3
-North Carolina 8

And apparently the list also finds 9 Republican seats "Leaning Democratic" and 22 seats ranked as tossups. Also 15 seats are marked as possible losses if there is a wave. The Republicans rankings look very close to ours. If anything they predict a bigger victory for Democrats then us.

It's not a good time to be a Republican.

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